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Chaperon in the news - latest read on bank data ...

May 14, 2023

Chaperon in the news commenting on February bank stats

April 9, 2023

Chaperon in the news. Global ructions highlight importance of managing risks

March 26, 2023

Chaperon in the news. Do not forget about business if we are going to have an inquiry into banks

March 9, 2023

Is housing, the golden goose, no longer laying golden eggs?

Housing has been a great investment.House prices in Auckland have increased by 8.1% per year on average since 1992, according to the Real Estate Institute. House prices across New Zealand have increased by 7.3% and ex Auckland by 6.8%. Some pundits remain all goosed up expecting the same going forward.Housing wealth, net of debt, has soared 500% since 1998. Over that same period, net financial wealth from non-housing assets increased 226%.The divergence is not so stark if you look at the past de...

August 17, 2022

Fleet Footed Profitability

For many businesses cashflow will be tight in the coming months as consumers and other businesses spend less due to the combination of:higher interest rates,Impact of Ukraine war on freight, fuel etcsupply constraints – gib, steel, timber etcinflation  – commodities eg copper, council rates, insurance, food pricesa tight labour market – young people heading offshorestressed developers / contractors and their businesses failing, andOmicron’s impact on foot-traffic count =  lower...

June 8, 2022

Working Capital and Liquidity – Are you under stress?

One size does not fit all when it comes to necessary working capital needs, but the basics are simple.  Every business needs liquidity.  Working capital defines short-term access to cash and liquidity.  Think of it as a buffer zone as to what you have access too, versus what need to pay for.The working capital of a business is calculated as the Current Assets minus the Current Liabilities.Current Assets = the sum of Cash in the Bank, Debtors, Stock, WIP, and PrepaymentsCurrent Lia...

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