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Welcome to Chaperon –
Your Business Finance & Banking Partner

Helping Business Navigate Banking

We help your business jump through the banking hoops.

At Chaperon, we understand that getting a loan or credit for your business can feel like jumping through hoops. But that’s where we come in - Providing Transparent and Fair Banking Solutions For Our Clients. As former bankers ourselves, we have the insider knowledge necessary to help businesses understand the rules of the game and access credit when they need it most.

We offer more than just credit services. You should be priced fairly, understand key risks, and have a bank package that is fit for your business. We ask the hard questions, both of banks, and businesses.
Is your business really that bankable? How could we help improve that?



Progressive Banking For Agile Businesses

We are passionate about businesses getting a fair go. A strong, vibrant business sector needs appropriate credit facilitation, good policy, and smarter thinking all around.

New Zealand can’t get ahead by selling more expensive houses to each other, and that’s why we advocate for businesses on all things banking.


Grow Quicker With
Access to Finance

We provide independent thought, debt arrangement and structuring assistance for small-to-medium businesses, commercial and rural customers.

While term debt is where most people primarily focus, we cover the whole business-bank ambit. We help prepare and support credit applications, and have honest discussions to help improve your bankability. We also help with negotiating security and documentation and oversee the process from start to finish.



Our Partners

"Chaperon levelled the playing field"

"Recently I engaged Chaperon to look at the structure and security requirements of my company loans. They suggested a restructuring that involved repaying two fixed-rate loans. The Bank tried to charge break costs of over $7000. The team at Chaperon stepped in and negotiated on my behalf a break fee settlement of zero.

Their experience and understanding of the documents levelled the playing field and provided significant savings for my small business. I strongly recommend that you get in touch with them to review of your banking facilities.” 

Kerren W.

Our relationship with clients goes beyond simply providing loans.

We ask tough questions to help you get the right answers.

  • Do you have the right banking facilities for your business?

  • Are your banking facilities priced fairly and do you have too much security?

  • Are your overdraft and seasonal facilities right-sized for your cashflow needs?

  • Do you have the right trade finance facilities?

  • How is your business performance trending?

  • Do you have adequate cash flow for debt service?

  • What is your forecast value at risk?

Contact Us

We’re here to help your business succeed. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your goals.

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